Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Florida vs. Florida...or how I learned not to let my boyfriend handle our travel plans (and other stories from the day)

I apologize in advance for any typographical errors in this post...I'm trying to type but Florida has once again taken residence on my right shoulder and I am forced to type with just my left hand...sigh. I suppose it's a small price to pay to have my yummy man snuggled up next to me...but it sure does make blogging hard!

Today I had to fight with my leasing company because they didn't cash my rent check for 20 days and then charged me a $50 late fee. They held my check because I am not on the lease (THEY said I didn't need to be, back in December!) and are complete idiots when it comes to managing the account. It is seriously ridiculous.

They were slightly more willing to actually be helpful this time I think because I had come from lunch at the Mexican restaurant with Dennis the Menace and drank margaritas while soaking up the crazy warm DC sun on the patio. And then walked 13 blocks in the heat to get to the leasing company (God forbid they actually have the site in a Metro-accessible area...) I was probably sweating tequila once I finally got there, HA! Oh well.

After dealing with the idiots lovely people who run my building (and of course putting in the requisite daytime drunk dials to Florida, my bestie from college KJ, and of course, my mom - who had to leave her class to take my call, HA!) I returned home to try and clean my apartment. After the Roommate tried to blame the funk in our apartment on our chipolte shrimp from the last post (even though it clearly smelled in there BEFORE we cooked) I decided that one of us needed to clean the apartment...and since she still treats me like the maid (even though I now work more than she does!) I figured the only person to clean would be me. As usual.

Then Florida came over and we booked our trip to Florida the State! :) Sanibel Island, here we come!

He was on the phone with the hotel we are staying at booking the cottage when Bestie called to tell me her dad was in town. I absolutely LOVE her dad so of course I started chatting away with her and stopped listening to Florida book the reservation. I was surprised that he was able to get us a beachfront cottage since I had called earlier in the day and wasn't able to get one right on the beach...but I thought nothing of it.

Until I got off the phone with Bestie.

I popped over to where he was and started listening to his convo with the booking agent, who was on speakerphone.

She confirmed his credit card number and everything, and then started to give us the details of the cancellation policy. "Since you are nearly within 15 days of arrival, blah blah blah..."

Wait - nearly within 15 days of arrival?? We aren't going until June!

So I hop onto the convo and cut off the very nice woman and say - what days do you have the reservation for?? "May 13-16," she replies.

Florida then instantly realizes what he did wrong. We are going in JUNE...not MAY!


We all got a good laugh and unfortunately the beachfront cottage is booked up in June when, you know, we are actually going to be in Florida...but oh well.

My day concluded with a stop at Jacob's Coffee Shop to get smoothies, a wander over to where my poor car has been parked for about 4 months to check when the registration expires (May of NEXT year - yay me for getting 2-year registration and zone parking permit last year!) and then a tour of my Capitol Hill neighborhood looking for irises to photograph (pics to come soon - got some great ones before my battery died.)

Before we knew it, we were jaunting down Bestie's street and just about to walk past her place when out walk she and her boyfriend gK. Yay!! They had an errand to run but we all met up for late night dinner at Union Pub near our houses. Bestie and I are still sad that they did away with the Wedge salad though. :(

Well sweet friends, Florida just woke up and has shifted positions, but not before giving me a big kiss and telling me what I beautiful smile I have (I was smiling because I was here with ya'll chatting about him and I was trying to hide my screen!) so I guess it's time to hit the hay.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday evening (even though it is now Wednesday morning here on the East Coast) and a fantastic rest of the week. Hopefully the weather is as glorious for ya'll as it is over here - the breeze blowing through my open windows is absolutely heaven right now.


Sweet Bea