Friday, November 28, 2008

HOORAY! J. Crew Promo: up to 30% off

Well color me tickled! I know I'm being silly, but I am thankful for pretty things at J. Crew that make me feel happy when I am feeling blue :(

J. Crew's new promo, giving up to 30% off (!!) ends tomorrow, Saturday November 29th.

I know I should be saving my money until I have a job, BUT I also think I deserve a little present for all my hard work on the campaign (I mean, we were the #2 target in the entire country and CRUSHED our opponent by 11 points.)

Here are some of the things I am considering:

Onyx Sequin Dress in Black
Wool Cashmere Plaza Coat with Thinsulate in Ivory (its COLD here in DC!)
Double Serge Pencil Skirt in Bronzed Ochre (I have in deep persimmon and I LOVE it!)
Golden roses Cherie Cami
Isabella Paisley Halter Dress (not on sale but I'm quite drawn to it)

J. Crew shopping bag 11.28 by Sweet Bea


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RIP Cousin Jean

So I woke to some sad news this morning, my mom's cousin Jean passed away about 3 hours after requesting to be pulled off the machines.

Her problems started years ago when she had an ingrown toenail. She went to get her regular pedicure, and her pedicurist offered to remove the ingrown part, and it all went downhill from there. She developed a staph infection in her big toe, and for years the doctors couldn't get rid of it. They finally figured out that the reason they couldn't cure the infection was because they wouldn't get the antibiotics down to her big toe because of incredibly poor circulation. At this time, she was also diagnosed with emphysema and put on an oxygen tank.

About a week ago, she went into the hospital and I think most people knew that she wouldn't be coming out. Last night she grew tired of being hooked to all the machines and requested the machines be removed.

Cousin Jean was a staple at all our holiday gatherings (there are only about 4 or 5 of us) and never ceased to keep us in stitches the entire time. She was absolutely hilarious and she and my mom were really close (they are only a few months different in age.) Jean's favorite activity at our house was to tell embarrassing stories about Mom, which was awesome for us and drove my mom absolutely insane. But the holidays weren't complete without Jean and her constant teasing.

So today, though I am sad and wishing I was back in Cali with my family, I give thanks for my cousin Jean and her ability to always light up a room. Though she isn't with us anymore, her memories will always continue to bring a smile back to our faces.

Cousin Jean, you will be missed, but never forgotten.


Sweet Bea

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well sweet friends I'm finally back in DC and starting to settle back in to real life...though being without a job and sleeping on a friend's couch I suppose hardly qualifies for "real" life. But, at least, in this week of counting blessings, I can be thankful that I have such wonderful real life friends with a couch for me to sleep on.

In these tough economic times, I am grateful that I was able to live at home while on the campaign trail and save money, so that if it takes me a while to find a new job I will still be okay.

I am thankful that I have a wonderful family who let me stay with them, not just so I could save money, but because, in their minds, where the heck else would I stay?

There will be more things that I am thankful for in the upcoming days (perhaps this becomes my very first "daily" post series??) but for now, let us turn our thoughts to other thanks-worthy things.

J. Crew.

I haven't mentioned it before, but I am *slightly* obsessed with J. Crew. Courtesy of my dear college friend Lulu (one of those women who is always so together and whose friendship I am also thankful for) and her blog, The Dirty Martini Diaries, (YAY! Now that campaign season is over I actually have time to read it!) I have recently stumbled onto this gem: J. Crew Aficionada.

Now I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone about how fantastic J. Crew is, but to find a blog where everyone shares my, um, passion(?) was a wonderful gift. Lots of fun chatting to be found, as well as insider information on sales, promo codes, and other information. It, along with checking in on Lulu, has become one of my daily addictions.

So, if you're off from work this week, or want to start reading some fanciful other sites instead of working, def hit up Lulu's site and J. Crew Aficionada. I promise you will enjoy every blissful moment.

OR - you could watch reruns of the Golden Girls, like I'm doing right now. On today's episode, Dorothy is tutoring a young student, Mario. Mario is played by Mario Lopez. It is pretty darned funny.


Sweet Bea

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet procrastination, release me from thy grip

I am procrastinating more than you could imagine, sweet friends.

My plane for Arizona leaves at 3pm on Wednesday...its 11:30pm on Monday and so far I've spend a grand total of 30 minutes packing.

It's not like I only have a few things to toss in a bag for a quick vacay...I've been here in Cali for over 5 months and came out here with 3 suitcases and about 7 boxes.

If I'm a bit sparse in my postings, its only because I'm either 1) STILL packing, or 2) having a fabulous time with my bestie KJ, whom I haven't seen in nearly 4 years (I've been a naughty bestie, haven't I?)

So, wish me luck that I finish packing and actually make it to the airport in time for my flight! If I can post from Arizona I most certainly will. If not - the next time you will probably hear from me is once I've returned to DC!


Sweet Bea

Just for funsies, here's what the weather is going to look like where I am...

Tempe, AZ:
High: upper 70s
Low: upper 50s

Washington, DC:
High: low 40s
Low: 30s with snow.


Friday, November 14, 2008

I. Do. Not. Like. Babies.

So as I prepare to move back to DC after this campaign, I am dealing with so many emotions that I am in a constant struggle to keep composed.

An example of just how far out on my sleeve my emotions are right now?

I'm crying at reality TV.

Not sweet, mushy, romantic reality TV. No no - that would be understandable, and frankly, quite normal for me.

I am crying at baby shows. BABY shows. All of 'em.

Jon & Kate Plus 8? Check.

Bringing Home Baby? Double check.

Tori & Dean? Yup - currently crying (its on now.)

Why is this so strange? you may ask. Babies are cute and wonderful and miracles! you squeal.

I. Do. Not. Like. Babies.

I don't like any babies. I don't want to have babies. I do not want to hold babies. I do not coo. I do not ooh and aah at babies.

In fact, I get quite nauseated at the entire prospect of babies.

Case in point: My mom works in an elementary school and her teacher just had a baby. Mom, brother and I went to go visit my grandma (Ba) in her nursing home earlier this week, and the hospital where Mom's teacher had her baby was a few blocks away, so we got the okay from the 4-time mom (seriously. On a TEACHER'S salary!) and popped into the hospital.

Yes the new baby (Hope? Grace? I can't remember) was adorable. She was also quiet, which made her more adorable. But did I want anything to do with her? Nope.

In fact, when teacher's husband (first time dad) started talking about baby things I started to get queasy. Luckily teacher saw me turning green and quickly shushed him. Have I mentioned that I like teacher?

Another case in point: my old boss had her first baby last spring and came by the office to show off the new baby girl (Maddie maybe?) I came over from my office to see her (the mom) and offer my congrats. But I had no interest in the baby. She asked me if I wanted to hold her, and I said no - I was there to see her, not the baby. I think she was a little offended.

I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone, but babies are just not my thing.

So as I stress about packing, moving (back) across country, finding an apartment, finding a job, AND planing and serving Thanksgiving dinner (where I'm not sure yet) for some reason babies are getting to me. Who knows why.

Anywho, instead of finishing up my cover letter and getting it and my resume out to prospective employers, here I am watching Tori & Dean (yay!!) and writing about crying (yay to writing, boo to crying.)

Seriously pathetic. Ugh.

Okie dokie, time to get productive before dinner with my former boss and campaign team!


Sweet Bea

PS - you know what I just realized? I def announced this blog as if it were a baby being born. What is going on with me??

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Congratulations! Its a beautiful baby blog!

Well, I've gone and done it!

I've jumped onto the blogging bandwagon.

Join me as we re-explore our Capitol City, find a new apartment, find a new job, and hopefully find once and for all just what I hope to do with this (almost) no-longer-a-20-something life.

Sweet Bea