Sunday, May 31, 2009


Just a friendly reminder that my GIVEAWAY for a fabulous *jewelery without jewels* necklace ends tonight at 11:59 Eastern!

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If you look at the pic below, you'll see why I'm so excited for this GIVEAWAY (and why I really wish I could enter myself!) I'm the girl on the left with the really big necklace getting bunny-eared and giving the thumbs-up to the awkward prom-style picture during the Inauguration. :)

photo credit: a friend who shall remain anonymous :)


Sweet Bea

If You're Reading This...

...then you'll soon know I am at NASCAR in Dover, Delaware. :)

DON'T FORGET: Today is your LAST DAY to enter my very first GIVEAWAY - a lovely *jewelery without jewels* necklace, celebrating my 100th post & saying a big THANK YOU for all the support over the last few weeks!


Sweet Bea

PS - don't remember who I'll be cheering on at the track known as the Monster Mile? It's this guy, Jamie McMurray. Here's a bit of background on Jamie (emphasis added):
How about Jamie McMurray? That was an incredible finish. [referring to his win at the Daytona summer race (not the Daytona 500 - that's the spring race!)]

McMurray is one of the most likeable guys in the garage and to see him finally get back to victory lane really put a smile on my face.

The fact that he beat out the Busch brothers only made it sweeter.

Quick story about McMurray, who you really never hear anything about away from the track.

When the Cup series rolls into Texas every year, McMurray would spend his Friday night involved in a program to help those out having a good time get home without having to get behind the wheel of a car.

He spent his Friday night driving around downtown Fort Worth in a cab picking up patrons and driving them around for free.

Did you hear anything about it? Of course not.

McMurray is a good driver and an even better person. Congrats to him for finding his way back to victory lane.

-Houston Chronicle, July 12, 2007

Friday, May 29, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

Dear Florida,

Can we please get married this summer? I would like this to be present at my wedding:

in this color for the MOH (because she has the most AMAZING blue eyes):

and in this color for the rest of the girls (because green is my fave color, obvi!):

and perhaps someone in this color too (or maybe just for me to wear!):

Thank you very much, honey.


Sweet Bea

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I tried to post this earlier today, but Florida fell asleep on my shoulder (big shock, I know,) and then my interwebs conked I took a nap. But better late than never!

The U.S. Air Force (Wild Blue Yonder)

Off we go into the wild blue yonder,
Climbing high into the sun;
Here they come zooming to meet our thunder,
At 'em boys, Give 'er the gun!
Down we dive, spouting our flame from under,
Off with one hell of a roar!
We live in fame or go down in flame.
Nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force!

Minds of men fashioned a crate of thunder,
Sent it high into the blue;
Hands of men blasted the world asunder;
How they lived God only knew! (God only knew!)
Souls of men dreaming of skies to conquer
Gave us wings, ever to soar!
With scouts before and bombers galore.
Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!

Here's a toast to the host
Of those who love the vastness of the sky,
To a friend we send a message of his brother men who fly.
We drink to those who gave their all of old,
Then down we roar to score the rainbow's pot of gold.
A toast to the host of men we boast, the U.S. Air Force!

Off we go into the wild sky yonder,
Keep the wings level and true;
If you'd live to be a grey-haired wonder
Keep the nose out of the blue!
Flying men, guarding the nation's border,
We'll be there, followed by more!
In echelon we carry on.
Nothing will stop the U.S. Air Force!

And because this will give you a glimpse at what a goofball my Airman really is:

Remember to stop and say thanks to all who serve - men and women alike - on this Memorial Day, and everyday. They are the ones whose service makes us able to enjoy the freedoms we have - including the freedom to blog.


Sweet Bea

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hi ya'll, remember me???

I've taken some time off from the bloggy world to lick my wounds, but I'm back and better than ever!

To say a huge thank you to everyone who commented and emailed about LOML, and to celebrate my 100th post, let's have a GIVEAWAY!!!

Because giving back is a fantastic thing!**

Erica from *jewelry without jewels* and I are teaming up to bring you THE accessory for the upcoming summer months - one of her fantastic necklaces!

These are the ones I've been blatantly telling hinting to Florida that I want for my birthday next month (get excited, ya'll!)

So - without further ado, let the GIVEAWAY commence!

Here are the rules:

You have until May 31 at 11:59pm Eastern to enter the GIVEAWAY. Once we have a winner, Erica will pick out a *fabulous* summer necklace and it will be sent to the winner.

One Entry: Head over to *jewelry without jewels*, and pick out your favorite piece. Then, comment on this post about the ideal outfit to wear your favorite *jewelry without jewels* piece with (please include your email address!);

Two Entries: Comment as above and become a follower (or let me know if you are already a follower);

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and for all you truly dedicated friends out there

for a whopping TEN ENTRIES: do all the above AND head over to Erica's blog and send her some love on her recent engagement!! (but make sure you let me know!)

Thank you again for all the love and support this past 2 weeks - talking to you has really made this yucky time so much easier. You have made me feel so much better about myself - I've said it before and will say it again - I am truly blessed to have stumbled upon this fantastic community.

Cheers to the next 100 posts,

Sweet Bea

** Did you know that Erica donates 10% of all sales to VH1's Save the Music Foundation? How awesome is that?? As the product of music education in the schools, I know how important this critical learning is as part of a full, well-rounded education and experience.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How many times CAN I break till I shatter?

LOML is engaged.

I know I shouldn't care but I do.

I know I shouldn't be crying but I am.

I am completely tied up in knots inside and am rapidly crisscrossing the emotions of grief, anger, confusion, hurt, frustration, shame, embarrassment,'s like they are an emotional to-do list and I am trying to cross each one off in lightening speed.

Worst of all, I found out via Facebook. While on the phone with Florida. He could tell how upset I was, even though I kept the tears inside for the most part. I don't think he's happy that I am this affected by it*. He only knows bits and pieces of our 8-year saga.

Here is a snippet of LOML and my convo from last July...he's referring to his now-fiancee (my emphasis):

so - off the ever not-so-private wall option of facebook, i broke it off with the old lady on friday. she was upset, i feel awful.
i think i did it at the right time in the right way, but it is always difficult you know? you know, you are the queen of laying off males suiters.
anyway, i felt obliged to tell you that for some reason.

(In case you're wondering, I sign off my posts with "Cheers" because that's what he always did and I liked the way it made me feel.)

Wonder when he's going to feel obliged to tell me he's engaged?

He knows it will hurt me. He knows how I've felt for so, so, so long.

I'm going to try and get some sleep now...thanks for listening. Special thanks to Wearing Mascara for being so awesome.


Sweet Bea

*Florida is most def not ok with it. Here's a text I just got from him: "I'm very sorry if I'm waking you up but I would like to talk about you still having feelings for this [LOML] guy tomorrow, it kinda bothers me. Sorry." And now we're "talking" about it...awesome. :(

Monday, May 4, 2009

Calling all Kappas!

Um. Can I just say WANT???

AND they are in a size 5?

Someone has a birthday in a month...just saying. :)


Sweet Bea

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vote for Mitch!

That is all.


Sweet Bea

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Badger? I don't need no stinkin' Badger...

...not when I've got this guy on my arm:

You'll have to trust me that he looks a LOT hotter when his face isn't all blurred out :) I must also admit that I looked very nice last night myself - my skin wasn't acting up too bad (nothing that 5 poundsa little of cover-up couldn't hide, at least) and I had dark smoky eyes and pale glossy lips. My hair looked pretty fab too - I have thick curly hair naturally (don't believe me, eh?? It's true!) and since it was rainy I knew straightening it was going to be out of the question. So, I curled it, poofed up the front part (my face is round so I need the height!) and pulled the rest back into a ponytail that I pinned up. And then sprayed the crap out of misted ever so gently with super soft hold hairspray.

Needless to say, I got tons of compliments on my outfit and look both at the dinner and the actually became a little uncomfortable after a while...but it was nice to be seen as a girl instead of just one of the guys for a change, ya know? (Didn't hurt that I overheard several people talking to Badger and around him about how good I looked. Suck on that, Badg!)

Am I being perhaps a bit immature? Of course. But I don't care. He needs to realize what he threw away. And I'm MORE than happy to remind him.

The best part of the evening - and the part I was most concerned about beforehand - was how the people who are our (Badger and my) friends would react to having all 3 of us in the same place. They all love Florida and he's one of those guys who chats with anyone and ends up having the most random conversations with whomever he meets...not at all clingy. But the birthday twins, who were hosting the BBQ, are also some of Badger's closest friends and former I was very worried that they wouldn't be as warm to Florida as they usually are, because Badger was there. (Does that make sense? It does in my head...but I'm not sure if I'm expressing it correctly.) But my worries were for naught - they didn't treat him any differently at all, which was great.

Anywho, unfortunately Florida is leaving for Salt Lake City tomorrow morning to advance a Drill Team trip there for a few days, so I'll be all alone. Tear. Luckily, softball season starts on Monday and we had a scrimmage against another Hill League team and beat them I'm hoping this is the year the Natty Boh's make the tournament!! :)

Happy Saturday evening to you all, sweet friends - and thank you for the kind words about Badger and not making me feel bad for needing to be vain for a bit. I appreciate it, and ya'll!


Sweet Bea

PS - did anyone watch the Derby??? What a crazy awesome finish! Mama Bea and I watch the Derby together every year, via phone...but she didn't get home in time from a First Communion to watch with It's only the 2nd year we've not watched it "together." Our dream is to go to the Derby one year...alas.