Friday, December 19, 2008

Keep it in the family, folks!

You know something that just absolutely burns me up?

Its going onto Ebay and looking up my sorority's name to see what cute stuff I find...and am welcomed with an onslaught of badges.

I get that even thought you say you are Greek for life that sometimes that life interferes and you take on other priorities. I won't claim for one moment that I've been the best alumna - not even a good one.

But I would never, no matter the cost, give my badge to someone outside of the sisterhood.

I realize that many of these are from deceased members who didn't leave instructions for their badges and pins. I get that.

But, even if you were dealing with the death of a loved one and in cleaning our their items stumbled onto their badge, why on EARTH would you think it was acceptable to give that person's badge away???

Grandma Bea is in a nursing home and we know that she will never live in her home when I was home during the campaign I'd try and help Mama Bea go through some of her things. I was specifically looking for her pin, from Alpha Delta Pi (Psi Chapter, UC Berkeley, 1930 I believe), because I want to make sure that it doesn't get into the wrong hands. I will return it to the headquarters where it will be properly looked after.

Even if I wasn't Greek, Mama Bea (who didn't go to college and doesn't really understand the whole thing) wouldn't just give Grandma Bea's pin to someone, or sell it on Ebay!

When you enter into a sorority or fraternity there are certain rules, certain standards and traditions, that you subscribe to. Your initiation - and the several weeks of hard work that often precede it - teach you these rules and traditions. Just as I don't sign off as Sweet Bea, MD because I didn't earn it, you don't get to wear my letters because you didn't earn it. I didn't get to wear an honor cord at my graduation because I didn't earn earn it, and you don't get to learn the history and symbolism of my rituals because you didn't earn it.

Please don't think that just because you purchased a Greek pin on Ebay you have the right to wear it, display it, share it, or do anything with it. You do not. You did not earn that right. Speedos can be purchased on Ebay too, and Lord knows nobody, outside of this guy has earned the right to wear them.

Chill out Bea...calm down Bea! I know, I know, I'm ranting like a lunatic (I'm actually on Ebay procrastinating setting mousetraps...ugh!) but still, it just really frustrates me to see people pledge themselves to something with so little care and thought.

Ok done. Soapbox neatly tucked away under the bed (with the mouse, who my cousin says should be named Thundersnow, after the crazy phenomenon happening in Wisconsin, my second home, right now.)


Sweet Bea (MD)